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Daphne House Kumluca

  • Daphne House
  • Daphne House
  • Daphne House
  • Daphne House
  • Daphne House
  • Daphne House
  • Daphne House

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Phone: +90 (242) 892 1133
Address: Olimpos Quarters, Yazır Kilise, Yakası Street No.36, Kumluca, Antalya
This immensely friendly, unpretentious guesthouse has a huge unkempt garden set under the shady canopy of a great pine forest. The hosts are a young couple who decided to settle down and grow roots here and built their house with their own hands and then expanded it with a small guesthouse in the garden. They offer delightful, heart-felt hospitality to a highly international circle of guests. The cooking here is mostly vegetarian and all the more delicious as guests often lend a helping hand.  A guitar and a computer form essential elements of the ambience and additionally Bülent is an excellent guide of the Lycian mountain trails.

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Luxury garden flat

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