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Phone: 0090 232 483 4696
Address: İki Çeşmelik Mah., 816 Sk No:16, Konak Merkez/İzmir
In etymological terms agora means “public-square and shopping district”, and it had commercial, judicial and political functions, was a place where art activities would be held and stoas, monuments, altars and statues would be placed. The Izmir Agora is in the Namazgah district and dates back to the Roman era of the 2nd century AD and was built according to a Hippodamos city plan, with a rectangular compound structure on three floors and close to the centre; this is one of the largest and best preserved Ion agoras to be found. Much of this agora was uncovered in excavation work carried out from 1932 to 1941 by Rudolf Naumann, Prof. F. Miltner and Selahattin Kantar, the director of the Ephesus Museums, and more recent excavations were made in 1996.


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