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Altindag District Ankara

Altindag District Ankara
Altindag; 1km from the Ankara city centre and is known to have been occupied since the prehistoric period.

Places to Visit in Altindag Ankara

There are many sites of interest here as it was an important centre during the Seljuk and Ottoman eras and these include Ankara Castle , Temple of Augustus , the Pillar of Julian , the Roman Baths , the Republic Memorial , the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations , the State Museum of Painting and Sculpture , the Museum of Ethnography , the War of Independence Museum , and the Museum of the Republic . You will also find the tombs of Karacabey, Ahi Serafettin, Haci Bayram Veli Efendi, Karyağdi, Gulbaba and Izzettin Baba. Also there are the mosques of Haci Bayram, Asianhane, Ahi Elvan, Ala’addin, Zincirli and Kursunlu.

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