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Caves and Caverns in Ankara

Caves and Caverns in Ankara
In the Gudul District close to Kirmir Creek are caves believed to be from the Byzantine era that have been dug out of the side of the mountain and resemble a village community. The caves were once inhabited by local people; it has an underground church at its centre with stairs that connect tunnels and other stairs leading to upper sections of the cavern some of which have been eroded away by the creek water. This complex is very similar to the famous Urgup Goreme caves in Central Anatolia.
In the district of Golbasi, Tulumtas Cavern is 15km from Ankara , between the villages of İncek, Hacilar and Tulumtaş. The cavern is 5km long, 1-1.5km wide and 30-40m high and has large stalactites and stalagmites.

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