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Ethnographical Museum Ankara

Ethnographical Museum Ankara
This museum opened on July 18, 1930 in the Namazgah area of Ankara on a hill with a Muslim graveyard. The courtyard here closed in November 1938 when it served as a temporary burial place for Ataturk and when his body was removed to Anitkabir it reopened, although the tomb has been preserved here as to respect the memory of Ataturk as he laid here for 15 years.  

Architecture of the building

The building is rectangular has a single dome and stone walls covered with travertine, a marble pediment with ornate carvings, and a staircase with 28 steps leading to the main entrance.
 There are 3 entrances into the building and it has 4 columns and an inner court lined with columns which is accessed by a domed hallway. In the open courtyard there is a central pool that is surrounded by several large and small rooms, and there is a two-storey administrative building next to the museum.  

Exhibits of Ethnographical Museum

Inside are exhibits of Turkish art from the Seljuk period up to the present day and a library specialising in Anatolian ethnography, folklore and art history.

Opening Hours of Ethnographical Museum

The museum closes on Mondays and opens from 08:30-12:30 & 13:30-17:30 - Tel. No. 0312 311 9556.

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