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Gavurkale Ankara
This ancient village site is located 60km southwest of Ankara and the area of Babayakup Creek that flows next to the hill here has continuously been the site of a settlement. As the walls here were falling down the hill was named Gavurkale (Infidel Castle).

On the southern exposure of the steep cliffs there is a carved relief in the stone of two gods walking, one behind the other, and opposite them sits a goddess. This is an excellent example of the unique Hittite monuments that can be found scattered around Turkey. The rocky outcrop here is surrounded by a wall of gigantic stone blocks and research shows that it was once an important walled city,
 that was first a centre of worship for the Hittites and later that the Phrygians had also settled there.  

After Ataturk visited here in 1930 and through the following years several surface investigations were carried out and in 1987 excavation works began carried out by the Chair of the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations.

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