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History of Ankara

History of Ankara
Ankara is the capital city of the Turkish Republic and was founded almost in the centre of Central Anatolia.

Angora Cloth

Ankara became a major stop of the caravan routes because of its central location and from the export of cloth made from the hair of the famous Angora goats and in turn made it an important business centre, particularly during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods and the city’s original name was Angyra.  

History of Ankara

The Galatians were the first to settle here and used it as their capital although it is known that there was a small settlement during the Hittite era but no artefacts have been found that belong to this time. Excavations carried out in many of the local burial mounds (tumulus) have uncovered Phrygian relics.  After the Phrygian’s came the Persians, Alexander the Great and then the Galatians.  Emperor Augustus annexed the city and its Galatian kingdom in 25 BC and in the 4th century AD when a surge of Christianity hit the region, it is where St. Paul is believed to have started the church.  

During the 7th and 8th centuries came the rise of Islam and the city suffered many raids by Persians and Arabs. During this time the outer walls of the castle were built and during 871 and 893 Turks and Crusaders took turns in occupying the city and in 1127 AD the Turks took over and renamed the city Enguriye.
In 1402 after the battle between Yildirim Beyazit and the Tamerlane, the city briefly fell to the Mongols and in 1414 came under the rule of the Ottomans. During the 1920 War of Independence the city was chosen as a military base and declared as the capital by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk because of its geographic, strategic and political position. The foundations of the modern city were laid at this time by city planners that were brought in from Europe.

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