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Hoyuk and Tumulus of Ankara
This is located within the boundaries of the village of Turkhoyuk and has marble columns and gravestones dating from the Roman and Byzantine eras.  Kol Hoyuk is in the city limits of the town of Oyaca which you will find on the Ankara - Haymana highway, about 50km along heading toward the villages of Boyalik, Culuk, Calis and Durupinar and is about 1.5km along this road on the right-hand side.  Currently excavations of this medium sized tumulus are being carried out by the Museum of Anatolia Civilisations.

There is a Hittite Cult Centre 8km west of Garvurkale that has signs it was probably an important Hittite settlement.  There is also a hidden cistern here built traditionally in the grand monumental Hittite style and remains of huge foundations that appear to date from the Early Bronze Age and at the beginning of the Hittite Empire.  From the ceramic, bronze and other archaeological finds here it is known that the area was inhabited 5,000 years ago.

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