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Hüsnü Et Balık Mangal Kahvaltı

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Julian’s Column Ankara

Julian’s Column Ankara
You will find Julian’s Column next to the pool between the Financial Directorate and the Governor’s Building. The column is 15m high and has several rings along its length but there are no inscriptions.  It is believed to have been erected in honour of Emperor Julian when he passed through Ankara in 361-363 AD and known locally as the Belkis Minaret.

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Cengel Han Rahmi Koc Museum

Goksu Park

Ankara by night

50th Year or Camlik Park


Ankara Roman Baths

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3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Villa


Land for Sale in Sarigerme


2 Bedroom Apartments in Göcek


2 Bedroom in Zeybek Apartments

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Turkish Minced Beef Pide - Red Meat Courses

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Minced Beef & Onion Kebab - Red Meat Courses

Main Course

Tomato Soup with Rice - Soup

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