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Genclik Park

The centre of Kizilay is approximately 2km from Ulus Meydani Boulevard. Here you will find Genclik Parki ( Youth Park ) built on the order of Ataturk as a place for the hard working population of Ankara to spend some recreational time and is a model of his modern city. Inside is the ‘Monument to a Secure and Confident Future’ bearing the inscription of his words “Be proud, hardworking, and believe in yourself”.
In summer the park is packed with families enjoying themselves at the artificial lake and many teahouses. The park holds occasional outdoor concerts and houses the State Opera House (Devlet Opera) that Atatürk built as he gained a taste for opera whilst service as a military attaché in Sofia. There is also an outdated fun fair called Luna Park with some rather archaic rides on offer.  

Ethnographic Museum

Head down Ataturk Boulevard to the Ethnographic Museum (open Tues-Sun 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00) where this grand white marble building was the original burial place of Atatürk until the construction of the Anitkabir mausoleum where he was moved to and is why the equestrian statue was placed at the front of the museum. Exhibits here include folk costumes and artefacts from Seljuk times and later, displaying carpets, furniture and domestic utensils and also re-created Ottoman house interiors with beautiful examples of Seljuk carvings.  

Sihhiye Boulevard

A little further south brings you to the square, Sihhiye Meydani Boulevard, and into modern Ankara. At the centre of the square is the Hatti Monument (Hatti Anit) modelled on the Anatolian Bronze Age stag symbol.

Guven Park

Staying on Ataturk Boulevard will lead you into Kizilay , the centre of the modern part of the city, and here you will find the small Guven Park with another immense Ataturk statue.

Gima Shopping Center

The large department store, Gima, is on the eastern side of the Ataturk Boulevard and has a restaurant and cafes in its pedestrian precincts and there are many upmarket boutiques running along the southside.

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