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Temple of Augustus Ankara
The Temple can be found in Ulus next to the Haci Bayram Mosque and was built in the 2nd century BC on the sacred location of the Kybele and Men temples in honour of the Phrygian Goddess Men but the remains you see today were actually built to honour the Roman Emperor Augustus as a sign of his loyalty to the King Pylamenes, who was the son of the Celtic ruler Amintos.  

Windows and other additions were made to it during Byzantine times when it was converted into a church. There are four walls lined with columns on the  perimeter and around it are column holders, 15 down the length of each side, six along the width, four in front of the temple door and two at the back and the only part left standing is the door with its ornately decorated posts. This marble temple measures 36m x 55m and stands on a multi-stepped podium and even today remains in good condition. 

There is a copy of Emperor Augustus’s last will and testament on the temple wall next to his tomb which lists his accomplishments, the original of which is in the Temple in Rome.

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