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Top 3 Turkish Baths of Ankara

Top 3 Turkish Baths of Ankara

The Old (Eski) Baths

These are directly opposite the Gazi High School and although the dressing rooms and baths themselves are in ruins, the cold rooms and boiler room are still intact.  From the buildings architecture and techniques used here it appears the building dates from the 15th century.

Karacabey Baths

Karacabey Baths can be found on Talat Paşa Boulevard, built in 1444 and originally designed as a double bath.  The west wing has adjacent dressing rooms and the east wing built in a completely different way has saunas and the whole structure forms a perfect square.

Sengul Baths

Located on Istiklal Mahallesi on Aci Çeşme Street these were designed as double baths for both men and women they were originally built in the 18th century and rebuilt in the 19th century.  Today there are separate sections for men and women.

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Ankara Roman Baths


Tunali Hilmi Road

Goksu Park

Kugulu Park

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Turkish Food Recipes

Shrimp Gratin with Mushrooms - Other Main Courses

Main Course

Fried Aubergine & Bell Peppers - Hot Meze

Supangle - Chocolate Desserts


Tahini Helva Casserole - Other Desserts


Stuffed Peppers with Minced Beef - Red Meat Courses

Main Course

Vegetable Soup - Soup

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