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Alanya Castle and Monuments

Alanya Castle and Monuments
There was always a settlement in Alanya Castle due to it being inaccessible either by land or sea and is the only castle in Anatolia to have survived to the present day.  

The Walls

The walls are 6.5km in length, there are 140 towers, 400 cisterns, inscribed doors and the open-air museum here displays Seljuk art at its best. The form of the huge castle began during Seljuk times although its actual construction started in the Hellenistic era, and recent excavations indicate it was originally a palace.

Inner Castle

The “Inner Castle” that stands on the western corner of the peninsula is at the highest point and is 250m high, with walls surrounding all four sides and in the centre there is an administrative block and military offices with two central brick-made cisterns dating from the Seljuk period and today still remain in good condition. Other buildings here are believed to have been a military barracks, a dormitory, store, and a Byzantine church dating from the 10th century.  


The Kizkule, and the symbol of Alanya, is a unique Seljuk architectural building dating back to 1226 and was erected to control the harbour, it is 33m high and 29m in diameter has a hexagonal design and is inscribed as being built by architect Ebu Ali from Halep for Alâddin Keykubat, and materials from older buildings were used in its construction. Holes were made into it that had rubber on the fronts and were used for pouring asphalt and boiling water down onto enemies below.

Dockyard and Tophane

The dockyard that joins the castle is 57m long and 40m deep and has five arched vaults and was the Seljuk’s second marine base, after the one in Sinop , and was built in 1227. The two-storied Tophane built to protect the harbour was also constructed during the reign of Alâddin Keykubat.

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