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Elmali is located within the borders of ancient Lycia although its exact date of establishment is unknown, but from excavations near the villages of Semahoyuk and Beyler it was determined the area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Throughout its history it has undergone rising and falling fortunes and has been ruled by Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires.

Places to Visit in Elmali


The nearby villages house several tumuluses; the first is in the village of Mugren and at the top has a small fortress that dates from the Roman period and from surface level archaeological data it indicates the area was inhabited in the Bronze Age by different civilisations.

At the top of the second tumulus, in the village of Semahoyuk, there is an Ottoman cemetery which has prevented excavation work from being carried out here.

The third and biggest is in Byler, and from excavations it has shown the area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age to the present day and artefacts taken from here are on display at the Antalya Museum. 6km from Elmali, near to the village of Bayindir, there are several more tumuluses standing side by side and from artefacts taken from excavations it was found they date back to the 7th century BC and are displayed in a special section at the Antalya Museum and show a cross section of life during those times.  
A statuette made from pure silver and another two from ivory confirm that the art of sculpture in ancient Anatolia had reached a level of excellent craftsmanship.

Memorial Tombs

The walls of the Kings Tomb in Karaburun are located on the Antalya-Elmali road, and are decorated with frescoes of scenes of war and hunting. This tomb in Kizilbel, west of the city on the Elmali-Yuvayol road, is a single room made of limestone blocks. The Kings Tomb, located in the village of Gokpinar on the Antalya - Elmali road and was described as the “Treasure of the Century” as they found 190 ancient silver coins that were then smuggled to America by antique treasure thieves and today are displayed in a private collection “Athens Decadrachme” at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; there are 14 pieces each worth US$600,000 and it is believed to have been the world’s most valuable treasure find.


The most interesting mosques to be found in the area include the Selçuklu Camii, Kutuk Camii, Sinan-i Camii, Omer Paşa Camii and medrese.  

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