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Kas is nestled in a charming bay, once a sleepy fishing village that has been completely transformed by tourism. Its backdrop of 500m vertical cliffs with scattered rock tombs, gives fantastic views of the Greek island Kastellórizo. It’s popular with both foreign backpackers and well heeled Turks from Istanbul and Ankara and attracts a younger, more cosmopolitan clientele than Kalkan .

Places to Visit in Kas

It’s a good base if you want to get to Kekova and Patara and there are various adventure tours available.

is built on the ancient site of Antiphellos (harbour of ancient Phellos) the remains of which can still be seen in the streets. Buses and dolmus go to the main otogar.  

500m out of town from the harbour mosque is a small almost complete Hellenistic theatre, with 26 rows of seats and used by many to watch the sunset.
100m above and behind the theatre stands a unique Doric tomb (Kesme Mezar) again almost intact. The most interesting sarcophagi that survived the local pilfering to use as building materials, is the Lion Tomb and the towering structure has two burial chambers.

Accommodation in Kas

 Kas is small enough to walk around but there is limited parking available at the harbour quay and behind the market square. Most of the better hotels and pansiyons lie east of the town centre away from the throng of night life and traffic noise of the main bar district.

There is a campsite 1km west of town which also has cabins available.

Restaurants and Nightlife in Kas

During the summer season the town comes alive at night with its shops staying open until 1am and the bars much later.
Kas offers many good restaurants but few are on the waterfront. The nightlife here, easily the best on the Turquoise Coast , is what attracts many of its visitors.  

Shopping in Kas

The Uzun Çarsı (Long Market) a bazaar full of shops offering antiques, carpets, clothing, jewellery, kitsch and souvenirs along with crafts and designer clothing shops that would easily fit into any European shopping mall.
There is a weekly Friday Market on the edge of town and the town centre old market, now a park and car park, has a wide variety of shops on its perimeter.

Beaches and Diving in Kas

There is no real beach in Kas and the few that are on the north shore of Bucak Harbour are muddy with  murky water though it is said that Kaş has the best visibility (30m) for scuba diving and the greatest variety of sea life of the entire Turkish coast, along with the shortest transfer times to dive sites. As a consequence of this there are many diving companies operating from here.

Cruising in Kas

Buyuk Cakil Cove

Kaş is also used as a stopping place for the “Blue Cruises”, yachts and gullets.  1km east of town is Büyük Çakıl with a small 60m wide shingle and sand cove with a few snack bars available and gets very crowded during high season.

Limanagzi Bay

Southeast of Buyuk Cakil is the large bay of Limanagzi, accessible by the hourly water dolmus, has three swimming areas, sun beds and snack bars.

Cukurbag Peninsula and Kaputas Beach

West of Kas is the Cukurbag peninsula, lapped by clear aquamarine water, has hotel made lidos but no beaches. The nearest decent beach, 21km away is  Kaputas Beach .

Daily Boat Tours

Full day boat tours are on offer to  Kekova or  Patara and can be customised to suit you and take up to 6-8 people. Day or one-way trips are also available to the Greek island Kastellórizo which usually operate on a demand basis.  This picturesque port, called Meis in Turkish, lies 3 nautical miles off the coast. It is the smallest inhabited island of the Dodecanese archipelago and a haven for yachts. The island offers affordable seafood, walking opportunities and night life.  From here you can take a boat to Rhodes.  

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Luxury garden flat

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