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Seleukeia Lyrbe in Side

Seleukeia Lyrbe in Side
The ancient city of Seleukeia can be found northwest of Manavgat located in the Şıhlar settlement area. Seleukeia is known to have been a fortified acropolis town and built to defend and protect Side from attacks, although Side was seized by pirates in 2nd century BC when people escaped from there and settled in Seleukeia. A bronze statue of Apollon taken from there and is now on display in the Antalya Museum is said to have been erected at that time.

The city walls believed to have been built between two straits were 9m high with a central entrance gate that was 5m high and had a rectangular agora behind it. In the south-eastern part of the agora is an odeon that was used for council meetings and music concerts, and has 6 bench seats.

In the northwest part of the agora there is a chapel with a single apsis with polygonal external apsis walls believed to have been built during Byzantine times.  Also here are the remains of the Temple of Apollon with a single cella and marble podium and you can see from the ruined stone walls at the front there was an inner wall  built as added protection.  

There is a sacred cave on the western slope where baptism ceremonies were held in ancient times and today there is still drinking water available inside the cave.  On the slope west of the cave are remains of a Roman bathhouse complex that has mosaic floors with three main sections in the centre that has various chambers on the sides.  Southwest of here is the bas Ilica that has floors of coloured marble slabs with a sarcophagi underneath.  Acropolis cities lost their importance after the Pax Romana period.

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