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Bargilya or Tuzla Bodrum


Using the main road from Bodrum to Milas and driving for 4km you will reach the lovely fishing village of Bargilya (with its modern name Tuzla). It sits on the edge of the Gulf of Gulluk that extends to the Varvil Cove, and both are well sheltered and accessible by boat.  

Ruins at Bargilya

Bargilya is enmeshed with the heritage of 1000s of years of civilisation and ruins and its ancient city is scattered over a huge area in and around the village. There is a Roman temple with columns and walls, an altar with reliefs, a stoa with remains of columns, pieces of aqueduct, parts of the city walls and a necropolis.  

Tuzla Bird Paradise

Also close by is the Tuzla Kus Cenneti (Bird Paradise) that is popular with wet land birds particularly flamingos.

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Lamb Pilaf with Chickpeas, Raisins & Almonds - Rice & Pasta Dishes

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