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Bodrum Peninsula Trekking Trails

PEDASA ( Gokceler Castle )

Difficulty GB1/Walk Time 1.40 hour; this trail starts in the north of Bodrum leading towards the castle and has alternative routes for the return trip. The trail begins on a pleasant slope with a view of Bodrum, leads you through valley’s and on to the ruins of this historic castle and Leleg constructed buildings.


Difficulty GB3/Walk Time 4 hours; from the peninsula region of Golkiri is Cukurbogazi where the trail begins and leads through Koca Oren and Evcili Oren that brings you to Gokceler Castle and from here  heads back to Bodrum. The trail offers an opportunity to see settlements from different time periods and has some very impressive scenery.


Difficulty GB3/Walk Time 4 hours; walk north from Gokceler Castle and climb east to the church, which was actually built as a tomb, and often is surrounded by undergrowth that hides the path.  From here you can walk down to Torba or Demire and on this route see some fantastic scenery.


Difficulty GB1/Walk Time: 1½ hours; the trail begins at
Yalikavak and leads you through wonderful natural beauty with superb panoramic views. The path is via the Karasulu hills and hills of Geris Village, then the Karakaya hills before it reaches the old village of Sandima. This village was abandoned long ago and has been left untouched ever since and gives visitors a glimpse of what life was like here in the past..  Next is Partipanaz Rock where there are traces of ancient ruins and also has very beautiful and picturesque views.

GERIS KANAMASA HILLS (Sandima-Partipanaz Kayasi)

Difficulty GB3-4/Walk Time 4 hours; the trail is similar to No.4 above and starts at Yalikavak going through Sandima Village and Partipanaz Rock, then from the hillside of Karakuzu on to the hills of Geris Village and walking south from the hills of Karakaya village. The natural beauty and scenery on this walk is well worth the effort.


Difficulty GB2/Walk Time: 2 hours; the trail starts at the village of Mandira which you reach by vehicle via Bagla Hills.  You will come across old Leleg buildings and at the north side of the valley is a wall of very interesting giant stones. Termera is at the top of the Asarlik hills and at this sacred site are remains of a temple and stone cut tombs. This is where the mythological term “Temera Pain” was created which relates to the story of Heracles.  This whole region is naturally wild and very beautiful.


Difficulty GB3/Walk Time: 3 hours; this trail starts at the crossroads of Yukari Gol and Dagbelen and leads through on to a historic site that is close to a Byzantine church believed to have once been a temple of Telmissos and the location of the mythological Orakli.  Next is the abandoned mountain village of Girel Courtyard and then at the summit of Karadag are the castles of Girel and Oren once Leleg settlements and later used as a defence.


Difficulty GB3/Walk Time: 3 hours; this trail is one of the oldest and starts at Yukarigolki runs north to south of the peninsula and was used by local people to reach their mountain villages and graveyards on foot or by donkey. You will pass the cistern in Cukur Bogazi, moving on to Oyukludag and Karadag which brings you to the Girel Courtyard and from there on to the village of Dagbelen.


Difficulty GB3-4/Walk Time: 14 hours; the route can be taken over 3 days with 2 nights camping and leads you through some outstanding and beautiful scenery with wonderful historic sites. The trail begins at the western end of Bafa Lake, once the ancient port of Herakleia and now the village of Kapikiri, and follows the ancient Kings’ Road to the Besparmak (Latmos) Mountains.  Sights you will see are pre-historic cave paintings and caves with frescoes dating from early Christian times along with the Arap Avlusu ruined monasteries.

Other recommended trails

1) At the triangle of the villages of Derekoy, Yalikavak and Yayakoy is a 4 hour trail that will take you through fields of mandarin trees and on to see ancient tombstones, a Byzantine church with 3 miniature pyramid shaped tombs and Sivri Kaya (Pointed Rock). 2) Walking from the village of Kizilagac, east of Bodrum, and then 1km northeast of the Yali Ciftlik road is the ancient site of Theangela that dates from the Roman period and has traces of the Hellenistic era. The trail takes around 2 hours using the forest path and on the return you can stop and take a swim at one of the peninsula’s most beautiful and unspoilt coves.  

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