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Bodrum Peninsula’s Ancient Settlements

Bodrum Peninsula’s Ancient Settlements
There are 12 ancient settlements on Bodrum’s peninsula, the most famous of which is Halicarnasstos, once ruled by King Mausolus II.  For anyone with an interest in archaeology and nature a visit to any or all of the sites is recommended and from where the views are often stunning and impressive. The other ancient cities are:


This is at the top of a hill only accessible by foot.  The ruins sit in a circle with a diameter of 150m and mainly consist of inner castle walls and Leleg style tombs.

Telmossos (Guirece)

Located in the village of Guirece sitting atop a hill, are the remains of walls and towers dating from Hellenistic times and although there is no trace of it, it was said by historian Herodotus to have had a Temple of Apollo famed for its oracles.

Termera & the Castle (Kalesi) of Aspat

This Leleg city is only accessible by foot and is located on the top of a conical hill opposite the Aspat Cove in Akyarlar. The inner castle at the top was completely destroyed though parts of the lower wall are still standing.

Musgebi ( Ortakent )

This excavation of this Leleg city have uncovered a necropolis and Mycea pottery dating from the 13th & 15th centuries BC.

Eski (Old) & Yeni (New) Myndos

The Eski Leleg city ruins are on top of Bozdag Hill, it has no road and to walk there takes one hour. The ruins consist of city walls and a square building.  Yeni Myndos is intertwined with Gumusluk village where there are ruins of city walls and a little further on rock carved tombs. Uranion; on hill near the shoreline there is a ruined mausoleum, walls and towers.

Madnasa & Sibda (Side)

On 2 hills facing Turkbuku and Golkoy there are the ruins of both cities acropolis, walls and towers and pieces of ceramic and pottery are visible; this is well worth a visit if only for the magnificent views.


Here there are remains of houses and other buildings and from its hilltop there are views of the Gulf of Gokova and Orak Island .


The ruins here are at the top of a very steep hill but are truly worth the effort it takes to reach them.

Kndye (Sigirtmac)

There are very little remains here other than some rough stone walls.


Accessible either by a 4x4 vehicle or boat where there are columns, walls of a Roman temple, an altar with reliefs, part of a theatre, stoa, aqueduct, city walls and necropolis.  

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