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Bogazici Cove Bargliya Bodrum
Bogazici village is 30km from Bodrum, 25km from Milas and is a great place to stay if you want to be somewhere serene and quiet but also have access to Bodrum’s lively entertainment venues. The village was once called Bargliya and has a legend attached to it of Pegasus, the winged horse that belonged to hero Bellerophon, Pegasus kicked his best friend Bargylos killing him and in his memory Bellerophon named this location after him.  

There is a very beautiful cove surrounded by olive trees here and in the past the area was known for producing salt and the salt pools can still be seen today.  There is no agriculture here and the local people make their living from the sea and almost everyone is involved in fishing, which unfortunately is under threat because the young fish are being taken away from here and sold to fish farms.  

Visitors can dine at the restaurants that all serve delicious fresh fish such as sea bass and sea bream. Bogazici is also a haven for birds, and unfortunately as this is not a protected area they are constantly under threat from hunters who come to shoot them.

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