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Myndos Ancient City Bodrum
This was an ancient Dorian colony of Troezen located on the coast of Caria in Asia Minor sitting on Bodrum Peninsula just a few kilometres northwest of Halicarnassus, and today this site is home to the modern village of Gumusluk .

Ancient Myndos was once protected by strong walls and had a good harbour and parts of the town walls and gate have been restored.  The ancient city was unearthed on Tavsan (Rabbit) Island and excavations lasting 4 years revealed important artefacts and monuments. As a result of these the King’s Road, Christian churches and storage houses have all been revealed.  Archaeologists also found stone tablets with Myndos inscriptions and uncovered 1000 year old temples dedicated to Roman Emperor Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus who lived from 53 and 117 AD; tombs were also uncovered and date back to early Christian times.  

Rabbit Island is very close to the shoreline and visitors can walk the 70 metres of shallow water to reach it and as the rabbits here had long since disappeared they have been reintroduced.

Other remains of the city are visible in and around Gumusluk and also in the adjacent waters; it is believed an earthquake caused waterside sections of the ancient town to be submerged and as a result most of this land and offshore areas are now protected from any disturbance and development.

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