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Turgutreis Bodrum
Turgutreis, the peninsula’s second largest town, 18km east of Bodrum, is mostly a package tour resort and not the best place to experience local Turkish authenticity and culture.  The town streets are packed with over a 100 hotels that lead down on a cobbled walkway to a small exposed beach and the yacht marina (Turgutreis D-Marin).  The coastline consists of numerous inlets with steep mountains which run parallel to the coast, and 14 Turkish islands around Turgutreis as well as the Greek islands Kos, Kalymnos and Patmos.  

Traveling from Bodrum to Turgutreis

The dolmus run frequently from Bodrum and take around 20 minutes.

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Gulluk Bodrum

Club Sapphire Bodrum

D Marin Yacht Marina in Turgutreis

Gundogan Bodrum


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