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History of Cesme Museum

History of Cesme Museum
The Cesme Castle or Fort is well worth a visit and to experience its historical culture; it was built in 1508 during the reign of Beyazıt II by architect Ahmet Oglu Mehmet and commissioned by the Governor of Aydin , Mir Haydar. Cesme Archaeology Museum is housed in the castle and first opened in 1965 as a gun museum as these had been brought from the Istanbul Topkapi Museum and the gun museum remained so until 1984 until the guns had begun to oxidise and degrade from the humidity in the exhibition hall and as a consequence were transferred to the Izmir Archaeology and Odemis Museums.
The guns were replaced with artefacts taken from excavations at Ildırı and the ancient site of Erythrai .
You will also find marble and earthenware sculptures of gods and goddesses, busts, amphora, gravestones, gold frames and silver and bronze coins on display.

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