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Akbuk Info
Akbuk is 23 km away from Didim centre, and 106 km away from Aydin city centre. Akbuk, which has a natural port, has 11 km of coastline. It is an ideal place for those who search for a unique and tranquil place with its gorgeous nature and beautiful coasts. Akbuk has one of the cleanest air in Turkey and crystal clear waters. As the area is not heavily populated, it offers a pretty frame with thick forests and blue waters.

Akbuk is still a small town with 5,000 hectares, and it is not heavily populated at all. It only has small hotels, pensions, small residential complexes and only a few restaurants, making this place ideal for those who would like to experience a quiet and relaxing holiday. Akbuk is becoming one of the most favourite holiday resorts for the European tourists as it has a great tourism potential, as well as a good investment opportunity for those who are planning to purchase a holiday home.


Less than 6,000 during winter months and 60,000 people during summer months

High Season

June, July, August. However, May and September is also busy with tourists. Nearly all of hotels and majority of the restaurants are closed during winter months.

Famous For

 Clean beaches, thick forests and tranquil holiday experience

Things to Do in Akbuk

Beaches– There are several beaches in Akbuk. Even in some of them, you can be the only person enjoying the beach.

Places to Visit in Akbuk

Didyma Ancient City – ( Didymaion Apollon Temple )

Didyma was the holy city of the Miletus or Miletos ancient city. You can visit Didyma everyday between 8:00 am to 7:30 pm.

Priene Ancient City

Priene, located 50 km from Akbuk, used to be a harbour in the Byzantine time. It has an ancient theatre that can sit 5,000 people, ruins of a Turkish bath, Byzantine church and Athena temple.

Miletos Ancient City

Miletus is an important ancient city, 20 km away from Akbuk. This city was very successful in art, science and trading. Hippad Amos known as the world’s first city architect designed Miletus, this is why the design of the city is still being analysed. Philosophers Thales, Anaximandros, Anaximenes, historian Hekataios and the architect of the Hagia Sophia ( Ayasofya ) Isidoros was from Miletos.
Miletos has a theatre for 15,000 people, which is 140 meters wide and 30 meters high, making this a grand architecture. The city also has ruins of Faustina baths and Serapis temple. Unfortunately, some of the ruins were stolen from this ancient city and currently being displayed at the Berlin Museum in Germany.

Top Tips

- If you will use a taxi to travel from Bodrum Milas Airport, and you did not agree a fixed price with the taxi driver, which you might do, there is a shorter route that the taxi driver can use. You can go through Kazikli Village, followed by Gurcamlar and Kizilagac, and connect to Bodrum main road. Although this is a side road, if you will pay by meter, this would cost you significantly less.
- Buy your vegetables and fruits from the local market on Sundays as they are fresher and cheaper than supermarkets.

Price Range

Akbuk is cheaper than other resorts. Especially rental properties in the area are cheaper than other destinations. The hotels are cheaper as well, as only small hotels are available. The only large hotel available, Caprice Hotel is a Muslim hotel.

Getting to Akbuk

Airport – The closest airport is Bodrum Milas Aiport. From Milas airport, Akbuk is 43 km away; it takes 55 minutes drive. You can use the dolmus (minibus), bus or taxi to travel from the airport to Akbuk. Please check out City Guide section to get detailed information on the dolmus and bus companies.


Akbuk, which is located in Didim Aydin, has been a settlement area for many ages. According to the archaeological excavations, first settlement pieces belong to Kalkalitik Age (B.C 4000). Ruins, which belong to Bronze Age (B.C 3000) were also found between Sapliada and Komurluada. Teichioussa city was very famous in Archaic Age (B.C 6th century) and it is in the south of Ion region, 25 km southeast of Milet city.


There are few nice restaurants on the Akbuk harbour.

Nightlife of Akbuk

While there are couple of bars along the coastline, for a livelier nightlife, you should travel to Didim or Altinkum to enjoy large number of bars and nightclubs.


Akbuk only has small fashion stores.
Food Shopping– Tansas and Migros are the two largest supermarkets. They are part of a chain available all over Turkey. There is also a daily market every Sunday, selling fresh fruit and vegetables.

Distance from Akbuk

Akbuk to Didim - 19 km 25 minutes by car
Akbuk to Bodrum Centre - 90 km 1 hour 40 minutes by car
Akbuk to Bodrum Airport - 43 km 55 minutes by car
Akbuk to Izmir Airport - 139 km 2 hours by car
Akbuk to Izmir Centre - 158 km 2 hours 19 minutes by car
Akbuk to Ephesus - 100 km 1 hour 140 minute by car
Akbuk to Kusadasi – 60 km 1 hour by car

Things Not to Miss

- Have a long swim to Akbuk island

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