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Alinda Ruins Didim

Alinda Ruins Didim
Fifty eight km south of Aydin and one of the first and best ruins in the Cine Valley, is where the famous encounter between Alexander the Great and Queen Ada of Caria occurred around the end of the 4th century BC. Queen Ada, sister of Mausolus of Halicarnassus ( Bodrum ) was exiled in 340 BC to Alinda by her younger brother Pixodarus.
 Here she waited for an opportunity to regain her kingdom and in 334 BC, when Alexander marched into Caria, Ada offered to surrender the city of Alinda to him and aid his campaign to conquer Caria, in return Alexander was to restore the throne of Halicarnassus to her. Alexander, possibly enchanted by her feminine charms, not only left her with Alinda but actually made her ruler of all Caria. The ruins are on a hilltop above Karpuzlu village and the dolmus service runs direct from Aydin to there.

Alinda Ruins Today

Parts of the city walls and some towers are still in good order and the huge Hellenistic Market Building, approximately 100m in length, originally with three storeys, two of which still stand today are in almost perfect condition. The agora, 30 meters square, was surrounded by a colonnade of which only a few columns remain. The early 2nd century BC theatre, almost as well preserved as the market building has retained two galleries and most of its seats and gives outstanding views over Karpuzlu and the valley below. At the top of the hill is an imposing two-storey Hellenistic watch-tower with remains of cistern mouths and partly collapsed tunnels that once led to the lower levels of the city.  
Other ruins include foundations of acropolis houses, large remains of an aqueduct and parts of Alinda’s wide spread necropolis. There’s not a great deal of accommodation to choose from or places to eat although Cine has a few pansiyons and Karpuzlu has several restaurants and one hotel. 

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