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Bedri Rahmi Bay Fethiye

Bedri Rahmi Bay Fethiye
This is one of the most important bays in the Fethiye Gulf and known as Taskaya by the locals. The bay is directly opposite Tersane Island and was named after the Turkish writer and artist Bedri Rahmi Eyupoglu, who in 1973 was one of the first to experience a ‘Blue Voyage’.

During this first voyage he painted a picture of a fish on a boulder behind a fountain that is located here. Other passengers on the voyage included Turkish intellectuals, other artists like himself, his brother Selahattin Eyüpoglu and Azra Erhat who all went on to write about the wonderful beauty of the incredible bays here in newspapers and books recommending that everyone should experience what has become known as the ‘Blue Voyage.’


The aforementioned freshwater fountain sits under huge pine trees at the north-eastern point of this wide bay that offers easy access to yachts. They can drop anchor at a depth of 2-2.5m where there is a pier and restaurant for them to dine at and at the same time replenish their water supplies from the fountain.
As there is an undercurrent that runs through the bay the water always remains sparkling clean. It is said if you drink the water from the fountain next to the restaurant on an empty stomach it will eliminate any intestinal parasites! 

Rock Tombs

Bedri Rahmi’s picture of a fish is directly behind the fountain and just behind that among the trees is a Lycian rock tomb. There are also numerous Lycian pigeon-hole tombs carved into the face of the bedrock, a rock tomb with an embroidered gate and another three tombs adjacent to each other a little further on. These rock tombs are unique to the ancient Lycian people in that they replicate examples of their wooden buildings. More tombs can be found in Kaunos , Fethiye and Myra that date from the 4th and 5th centuries BC and belong to the ancient city of Crya which is located up on the hill.

There is not much that remains of Crya which can be accessed by climbing stairs carved out of the rock and the acropolis is further up surrounded by a polygonal wall which was built in an earlier period, with a tower and cistern inside and although no inscriptions or coins have ever been found here Crya was written about by the Roman author Pliny.

Mooring at Bedri Rahmi Bay

Yachts and boats can moor anywhere in the bay which offers good shelter against the wind and has a small beach on the north side and is surrounded by pine woods and olive groves. If the yachts drop anchor on the right side of the restaurant which is located inside the bay they are well protected from any prevailing winds and its possible to tie a mooring line around the trunk of a pine or olive tree and take a swim in the lovely clear water. 

Closeby Bays

The small island of Zeyno can be found opposite Bedri Rahmi Bay which has a small bay and small beach and is popular for its tranquillity and relative security. Adjacent to Bedri Rahmi Bay is Kille Koyu which has been making a remarkable recovery from the fires it suffered from 4 years ago.  

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