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Faralya Fethiye
Faralya is 15km south of Oludeniz and 30km south of Fethiye and until recently was simply known as village on the cliffs of the Butterfly Valley . This charming village has houses and gardens cascading down towards the cliffs of the valley.

Getting to Faralya

The village is accessed from Ölüdeniz via a narrow, winding, tarmac and sometimes potholed road and although it is not far the road conditions make it a 30 minute drive. Visitors can also use the minibus (dolmuş) from Ölüdeniz to get there and which continue on to Kabak and in the summer high season there are boats three times a day from Ölüdeniz to there.

Trekking in Faralya

Through Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley and the village are connected by a very steep elevation of 350m to sea level at the bottom of the valley and can be quite a dangerous path with certain sections requiring a little mountain climbing knowledge. It is easier to climb up than down and takes around 45 minutes to an hour to complete the whole path although fit climbers with experience take around 20 minutes.

The path begins at the front of the George House guesthouse in the village and is marked all along with red dots.
The valley was discovered by hippies in 1990s after losing their “Blue Lagoon” to mass tourism and got its name from a large swarm of endemic butterflies whose habitat was near to the canyon waterfalls that are furthest from the sea.
The view of the valley from the village above is as beautiful as when you are in the valley itself.

Trekking from Ovacik to Faralya

It is also possible to hike from  Ovacik which is 2km north of  Oludeniz along the  Lycian Way which passes through the main road of the village. This 16km section takes most hikers one day to walk although a two day hike combined with camping for one night in the mountains is highly recommended, particularly in the summer months.  

Trekking from Faralya to Oludeniz

It is possible to return to  Oludeniz by hiking on the  Lycian Way rather than taking the minibus. Hiking south to north from Faralya to  Oludeniz there is a short section that has a steep ascent at the start of the trail and then it mostly gently descends all the way to Ölüdeniz taking hikers through beautiful pine forest and along some stunning cliffs that will give you the most amazing views of the Blue Lagoon.

Ancient Lycian Sarcophagi

There are a number of tombs that can be seen close to the village and the nearest is at the exit to the village going towards Kabak on a slope to the left side of the road. The largest tomb is near Aktas beach in the middle of the Kızılcakaya hamlet of Faralya and can be found using the yellow and red way marked coastal trail. There are a further two more tombs hidden in the forest between Kabak and Aktaş but are not on a marked trail.

Amenities at Faralya

ATM and Credit Cards

The village has no ATM’s and none of the shops take credit cards so ensure you have cash with you ( the nearest ATM’s are in Oludeniz and Fethiye ).

Food shopping

The only grocery store in the village offers a very small selection of vegetables, snacks and drinks. There is a small kiosk in Butterfly Valley that offers pre-packed snacks, drinks and cigarettes and will charge maybe two or three times more than any other place. If you are making a short trip it is best to bring your own supplies with you. Faralya has a market which is held 3km from the village on the Kabak road.

Closeby Kabak Village

The village of Kabak is 8km to the south and has its own canyon called Kabak Bay and is similar to Butterfly Valley with cliffs opening out to the sea on one side and has waterfalls. This canyon is more easily accessible than Butterfly Valley as it has a dirt road connecting it with the village and there are a few guesthouses available at the canyon’s beach and in the upper part of the village.  

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