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Fethiye’s Diving Sites

Red Island

This dive site descends 6-8m (20-24ft) following a natural slope to the seabed that leads on down to 15m (45ft) and at 20m (60ft) the underwater topography resembles an amphitheatre. It is recommended that you take an underwater light to be able to enjoy the full colour spectrum of sponges and to see the large groupers gliding among them.

Yilmaz's Cave

This cave was discovered by Colonel Yilmaz and although it is quite dark inside there is always enough oxygen to breathe.

Tarzan Bay

This dive site is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers as it has good entry and exit points. The entrance leads into 5m (16ft) of crystal clear water where there are all kinds of small fish found among amphora that have been laying on the seabed for 1000s of years.

Amphora Bay

This is one of the oldest amphora sites in this area of Turkey and dates back to the Roman era of 300BC. The entrance is in 4m (12ft) of water and slopes very steeply down to 60m (200ft). Here you will find 2 large rock formations that are home to many varieties of marine life that include white grouper, octopus, crayfish, moray eels, clownfish, fork tails, sea aubergine and sponges.

Eagles Nose Bay

This dive site starts at the depth of 9-12m (27-36ft) and is one of the most pleasurable where you will want to stay underwater for as long as possible. Here you can see, touch and play with sponges, and other marine life here includes sea spiders, starfish, octopus, squid and other varieties of fish swimming amongst the 3000 year old amphora lying on the seabed.

Aquarium Bay

This dive area resembles a lagoon and is home to very beautiful orange sponges, giant grouper, octopus, red mullet, sandfish, comber, damselfish, black eyes and clown fish, and as they are used to divers here they will actually feed from your hand.

Aquarium Reef

This is an interesting dive that has good drop off points along the reef where moray eels are often sighted. When you reach a depth of 20-25m (60-75ft) you will see the resident groupers and under the rocks here sea scorpion fish are often spotted.

Dalyan Bay

This is one of the most popular bays for beginners and experienced divers alike due to its shallow water and abundant sea life. This small bay is home to large groupers, rainbow wrasse, octopus, cuttlefish, damselfish, fork tail, red mullet, clown, parrot and cardinal fish that are so used to divers they will feed from your hand.

Dalyan River & Small Reef

Big Reef

The reef is a short distance from Dalyan Key, is in 10m (33ft) of water and is a small underwater hill that drops off to 60m (200ft) on the wall side. On the descent you are able to see many varieties of fish and marine life and the spectacular view of the reef offers visitors a fascinating experience.

Cavern Drop Off

This is a great dive offering breath taking drop offs and a spectrum of colour. Close to the entrance of the dive at 6m (20ft) is a small cavern and home to beautiful coloured strawberry anemone, daisy anemone and Devonshire cup coral. The best drop off looks into 40m (155ft) of seabed where large groupers reside and at the end of the dive you will see the  most colourful wall to be found in the Aegean Sea full of fish shoals, soft coral, anemone, sea worms and sponges.

Coral Cavern & Turkish Bath

This site is considered the best in the whole diving area.  This cavern offers the vibrant and fascinating colours of the marine world and is fantastic for underwater photography.  Here you will find trumpet anemone, gem anemone, daisy and strawberry anemone, soft coral, lettuce coral, sea aubergines and many forms of lace coral, all of which are permanent residents at this site.

Octopussy's Hole

This dive site offers a lovely descent down a steep slope to the bottom and around into the hole. The natural light here makes the colours look fantastic although a dive light is essential to be able to fully benefit from the colours on exhibit. As this location is mostly undisturbed there are many large groupers living here that can be seen swimming among the sponges.

Shrimp's Hole

This is located at a depth of 26m (86ft) and large enough to allow 5 or 6 divers to enter at the same time. Divers need to have advanced buoyancy control as it is critical not to disturb the silt at the bottom. Dive lights will help to explore the large mullets, shrimp, soft coral and groupers that hide among the cracks. There is an amazing underwater archway by the exit where photographers can get great shots of their dive partners making an ascent.

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Bedri Rahmi Bay

Sariyarlar Bay


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