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Fethiye Cove and Island Boat Tours

Fethiye Cove and Island Boat Tours

Daily Boat Tours from Fethiye

Motor boat tours can be taken from the quayside to the islands on the west and northwest of the Fethiye Peninsula which usually depart at 10am and return around 6pm. The boat tours either leave from Gocek or Oludeniz and one of the most popular day trips is the 12 Island (12 Adalar).

Islands that Boat Tours Stop

Kizilada (Red Island)

So called as the beach here turns a reddish colour at sunset, there are no other buildings apart from a lighthouse and its east side is sheltered and suitable for swimming. 

Deliktas Island

These large and small islands are northwest of Kizilada and are very popular for scuba diving.

Yassica Island

This group of 5 tiny islands have no facilities and the largest of the group has a small pool that is great for children to swim in. It is easy to swim between the islands with the shortest distance being 12 metres and if you want to walk on the islands it is recommended you take foot wear to protect your feet.

Zeytin Ada (Olive Island)

This is south of Yassica and the only island that is privately owned, it has a olive oil pressing workshop that dates back to Ottoman times.

Tersane or Shipyard Island

This is the largest island on the gulf and has remains of old Greek houses that were abandoned during the population exchange of 1923. There is a monitoring tower and shipyard (hence the islands name) and two coves named “Summer” and “Winter” which are a popular stopping place for day boat tours and Blue Voyage Cruises.  Northwest of the island is Tasyaka Cove ( or Bedri Rahmi Bay ) and it’s possible to walk inside the cove to the rock tombs up on the hills. There is also a wooden quay here for boats to moor at and a restaurant for refreshments.

Domuz (Boar) Island

It is believed the island was named for the wild boar that once roamed here long ago and was also called Prince Island as a prince lived here.  The islands cove is sheltered from the wind and is easy and a good place to moor or drop anchor.

Gobun Koyu (Cove)

This is south of Domuz Island , it is long with a very narrow entrance and surrounded by pine and olive trees and at the end point there are ancient ruins and rock tombs. It is not a stopping place for the daily boat tours although it is a favourite place to moor for Blue Voyage Cruises and other boats.

Sovalye Adasi or Knights Island

This is opposite Fethiye and is where the Knights of St. John were once based; there are settlements here along with summer villas, motels and cafés and it is usually the starting or finishing point of the 12 Island tour.

Gemiler Island

The island is directly opposite the cove and beach and was once known as St. Nicholas Island. There are remains of churches here dating back to Early Christian and Byzantine times and frescoes in the larger churches remain in good condition.  On the seafront are ruins of a cistern and one of the most interesting historical remnants is a tunnel linking two churches to one another, although parts of 500m long tunnel have collapsed. The inner staircase has 17 stops which represent the 17 points that Christ stopped on his way to being crucified.  Due to earthquake damage long ago some of the ruins are now 2m underwater.  The sheltered cove here is not only popular with boats but with people who come by foot to picnic as it’s easy to reach from Fethiye , Hisaronu and Kayakoy . Other points of interest are Bestaslar Soguksu, which is a fresh water spring that flows out to the sea, Kisik Cove, and to the west is Afkule. Visitors may have to stay several nights here to take in all the sights.

Katranci Cove

This is 17km from Fethiye and is a little piece of heaven hidden behind Cyprus acacia, red pine and eucalyptus trees where  you can come and camp from May to October and have access to power and water and eat at the nearby cafés.  During the summer the dolmus minibuses run from Fethiye to here which makes it a very popular place to come for a picnic.  If it’s too busy you can take a path that will lead you to Kizlar Cove which is surrounded by pine trees on three of its sides, is very quiet and has an open air restaurant at the top of the hill with lovely scenic views across the cove.

Gunluklu Cove

This is 19km from Fethiye and just 2km from Katranci, is another small piece of heaven filled with wonderful natural beauty, has camping facilities available and is full of Gunluk trees (liquid amber orientalis).

Kargi Cove

This cove sits between Fethiye and Gocek, is cool, peaceful and quiet and also covered in  Gunluk trees (liquid amber orientalis) and is a great place to escape from the crowds.

Uzunyurt Faralya

  Faralya Village is the starting point of the ancient Lycian Road which has become hugely popular with trekkers in recent years.  From here you get fabulous views of Ships Island, Oludeniz and Belcegiz Beach and the Doros Islands out in the open sea.  If you go ashore you can swim in the lovely protected cove and the villagers of Faralya have opened up their homes offering bed and breakfast accommodation.  Daily boat tours will make a stop here if requested while on route to Butterfly Valley.

Kelebekler Vadisi or Butterfly Valley

This is a protected area where construction has been strictly prohibited and is a very popular destination. The terrain is somewhat rocky and can be a little difficult to climb but the pine covered forest and millions of butterflies that you can see make the effort more than worthwhile. What looks like the natural colours and contours of the valley floor, rocks and landscape can suddenly take off into the sky and cast a shadow into the valley below, it is just spectacular.  It is possible to rent a boat from Oludeniz to the beach here which is also known as Koturumsu Cove and only takes ½ hour. You can also stop at Mavi Magara (Blue Cave) and take a swim in the beautiful turquoise water of the cave and from there take one of two paths that lead into the valley and the foot of the 2000m high Babadag Mountain. One path goes through a waterfall and the other through Faralya village. If you are not experienced with trekking or active sports it is recommended that you stop at the waterfall and do not climb to the higher points of the valley.  If you do climb higher it is essential you have the correct professional clothing and equipment. The village path is very steep and in parts you need to almost mountain climb but the views once you get there are fantastic.  There is no accommodation available at the beach though you can camp there, and during summer months there is one makeshift restaurant where the owners will help visitors choose the best paths to take.  

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