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The Letoon Ruins Fethiye

The Letoon Ruins Fethiye
Letoon is 4km from Xanthos and was an important religious centre for Lycia and home to the Temple of Leto that dates back to 300 BC. Leto was a Hellenistic Anatolian mother goddess and mother of Artemis and Apollo, and the temple has managed to retain its design of Ionic details.  

The Ruins


There is a small and much plainer 4th century BC temple to the east of here, along with a Hellenistic Doric style temple that has columns; there are also mosaics and inscriptions, a fountain and stoa.  


Many festivals were hosted in Letoon’s theatre which was carved out of the sloping hills and has vaulted passages that lead to the seating areas; the sports activities and competitions took place on the flat area in front of the spectator galleries.

Lycian Tomb

As you leave the theatre from the east side there is a Lycian tomb with a saddle roof and a horizontal figure that has artistic styles from the Roman era.

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