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Beyoglu Istanbul
Beyoglu is a district on Istanbul’s European side that separates the old city (the historical peninsula of Constantinople) and the Golden Horn.  Beyoglu was known as Pera in the Middle Ages which remained as such until the 1923 when Ataturk establish the Turkish Republic.  Beyoglu includes other neighbourhoods on
the north of the Golden Horn such as Galata , a medieval Genoese citadel from where Beyoglu originated and known today as Karakoy , and Tophane , Cihangir , Sishane , Tepebasi , Tarlabasi , Dolapdere and Kasimpasa .  Beyoglu connects the centre of the old city across the Golden Horn from the bridges of Galata and Unkapani and is Istanbul’s centre for arts, entertainment and has the best night time venues.
  Beyoglu has long been a popular residential area for foreigners, particularly from Western Europe, who favoured the areas of Cihangir and Gumussuyu , and has a modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere with many different cultures.  

Famous For

Istiklal Street

Beyoglu’s main street is Istiklal Street that runs from Taksim Square, a pedestrianised 1.6km (one mile) stretch, lined with Neoclassical and Art Nouveau buildings dating from the 1800s and is full of shops, cafés, patisseries, restaurants, pubs, wine-houses, taverns and nightclubs, along with book stores, cinemas, theatres and art galleries.

Historic Tram of Beyoglu

The historic tram that trundles along Istiklal and between Taksim Square and Tunel was reinstalled in the early 1990s to revive this area of Istanbul’s historic atmosphere.  

Cicek or Flower Arcade

The Cicek Pasaji (Cité de Péra/Flower Passage) opened in 1876 and is a miniature of the famous Gallerai found in Milan, Italy and this area is home to some of the city's more historical pubs, wine-houses and restaurants.

Beyoglu Nightclubs and Restaurants

Beyoglu is known for having the best nightclubs and restaurants to suit all tastes with the popular European style Babylon and Nu Pera, and the Kemanci that plays heavy metal and hard rock music; the Maksim offers oriental music, while at the Andon visitors can eat, drink and dance to traditional Turkish music known as “fasil”, and many restaurants sit at the top of historical buildings giving 360 degree views of the city.  

Rejans is a historic Russian restaurant dating from the Ottoman period and on Asmalimescit Street there are rows of traditional Turkish restaurants and Ocakbasi Grill Houses.

The restaurants on the streets around the historical Balikpazari (Fish Market) offer fish and seafood like fried mussels and calamari, and there are establishment’s serving traditional “kokorec” (lamb and goat intestines).  

Beyoglu also has many elegant passage ways dating from the 1800s that today house historic and first-class stores selling chocolates and patisseries such as the Markiz Pastanesi and many other stores line its alleyways.

Embassies in Beyoglu

Beyoglu houses most of the foreign consulates which until 1923 were actual embassies that were moved to Ankara after it became the new capital of Turkey. The Italian, British, German, Greek, Russian, Dutch and Swedish consulates remain historically and architecturally important.  

Beyoglu Schools

Beyoglu also has many significant schools such as Galatasaray Lisesi, Deutsche Schule Istanbul, St. George's Austrian High School, Lycée Sainte Pulchérie, Liceo Italiano, Beyoglu Anatolian High School, Beyoglu Kiz Lisesi, Zografeion Lyceum, Zappeion Lyceum and several others.  

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