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Cemberlitas Mosques and Complexes Istanbul

Cemberlitas Mosques and Complexes Istanbul
There are several mosque complexes near the Hooped Column in Cemberlitas that are worth taking a look at:

Koprulu Mosque

The octagonal Köprülü Mosque built in 1659-60 for Köprülü Mehmed Paşa, who was also known as “Mehmet the Cruel”. At the age of 80 he was the First Grand Vizier to emerge from this very powerful family and his son Fazıl Ahmed Paşa
was the next Grand Vizier in line. There is a metal grille over the top of Mehmed’s tomb that was left open to all weathers, and it is said it was made that way because he was responsible for the execution of so many people, that by leaving the grille open and allowing the rain to enter the tomb this would cool him down as he burned in hell. The mosque itself started life as a lecture theatre for the medrese that was inside the complex.  

Vizier Han

Also part of this complex and a little further down from the hamam is a 17th century Vizier Han whose double courtyard once accommodated visiting merchants and their animals and was directly linked to the hamam by a passageway. Unfortunately it has all been left neglected and is now very run-down.

Atik Ali Paşa Mosque

The Atik Ali Paşa Mosque was built in 1496 by Beyazıd II for his eunuch who became his Grand Vizier is also close by.  

Koca Sinan Pasa Complex

The Koca Sinan Paşa Complex was designed by architect Davut Ağa for the Grand Vizier who in 1569 captured Yemen for the Ottoman Empire; it has a 16-sided tomb and medrese and houses the cultural centre for the Balkan Turkish community.

Corlulu Ali Pasa Complex

Across the road from The Koca Sinan Paşa Complex there is a small side street where you will find the Çorlulu Ali Paşa Complex that was built in 1708 by Sultan Ahmed III for his Grand Vizier. Unfortunately, and whilst in Lesbos Greece in 1711, the Sultan, after a disagreement with Sinan, had him beheaded and brought his head back with  him burying it beneath the medrese at the complex, for which he had paid to be built just 3 years earlier. The medrese is now a popular Nargile (smoking) café for students who attend the Istanbul University and sit along-side the old timers contemplating life and although there are many tourist shops along one side it has managed to keep an air of authenticity.  

Kara Mustafa Pasa Complex

Last but not least and on the opposite side of the street is the Kara Mustafa Paşa Complex built from 1669 to 1690 for the Grand Vizier who had in 1683 besieged Vienna. There is an octagonal mosque and medrese here although somewhat overgrown and a small museum dedicated to the poet Yahya Kemal Beyaltı (1884-1958).


Cemberlitas Mosque is located in Beyazit district of Fatih .

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