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Eminonu - Yeni Mosque and Rustem Pasa Mosque

Eminonu - Yeni Mosque and Rustem Pasa Mosque
Eminonu is still one of the largest and most convenient transport centres serving Istanbul and where buses, trams, trains and ferries meet and it was once the maritime entrance into the city.

Places to Visit in Eminonu

The Eminonu waterfront is usually the first introduction to visitors of the Golden Horn , the inlet of water that divides the European shore.  Attractions worth seeing here are the famous Spice bazaar (market) ( or Egyptian Bazaar ) and the landmark Yeni Camii Mosque . The Sirkeci Train Station is also located here and is the first and last station of the European Rail Network.

Yeni or New Mosque

The Yeni Camii ( or New Mosque) is one of the best known sites in Istanbul and was the last of the imperial mosques to be built. It was erected by the Valide Sultan Safiye (the light one) a Venetian beauty and mother of Mehmet III who ruled the empire over her son who was weak.

Construction began in 1597 and went on for several decades because of problems with water seepage (the site was too close to the water’s edge) and funding problems as when Mehmet III died, work stopped completely because Safiye was no longer the Queen Mother thus losing her power and access to funds to support the project. Construction was completed sixty years later by the Sultan Turhan Hattice, mother of Mehmet IV who is buried in the courtyard there along with sultans Mehmet IV, Mustafa II, Ahmet III, and Mahmut I.
The Ayvalik & Aydin Agriculture Foundation shops are based in the lower chambers of the royal entrance and sell excellent produce, olives and olive oil at much cheaper prices than can be found in the stores.

Rustem Pasa Mosque

One of Istanbul’s attractive smaller mosques built in 1561 in commemoration of Rüstem Paşa the grand vizier of Suleyman the Magnificent , by his widow. On entering through the portal is a wide courtyard with a tiled double portico along the west wall and giving the affect of a theatre. The Iznik tiles both inside and out are among the finest to be found in any mosque in Turkey . The decorations on the pillars, wall, piers, mihrab and mimber include panels of tulips, carnations and geometric patterns and the mosque has as many windows as is possible in the structure.

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