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Kadikoy Istanbul

Kadikoy Istanbul
Long ago Kadikoy was the separate settlement of Chalcedon of the Megarians founded in 635 BC that looked out over the water to Byzantium; it was taken by the Turks long before they took Byzantium.  

Things to do in Kadikoy

Visiting Bar Street

Kadikoy is the liveliest of all the Asian side suburbs with its huge student population along with its many nightlife venues particularly those on the famous “Bar Street”.  

Visiting Moda

Moda is adjacent to Kadikoy and most definitely the ritziest of all the Asian residential suburbs.  

Traffic Free Streets with Shops and Restaurants

Once you get into the side streets behind the high rises you will find traffic free narrow thorough fares that have many interesting shops, inviting restaurants and busy bars that cater to the many students that frequent the area and is similar to Besiktas only with more grunge and attitude.  There are also some hidden churches that date from the 19th century.  

Shopping in Kadikoy

The Historic Tuesday Market (Tarihi Salı Pazarı) has been relocated to Hasanpasa which appears to be in the middle of nowhere.  You can take the free bus service from the site of the Eski (Old) Salı Pazarı that is just behind the  Fenerbahce football stadium although it hardly seems worth the effort to suffer the queues of traffic all the way there to buy very cheap goods.

Places to Visit in Kadikoy

Haydarpasa Train Station

The Haydarpasa Train Station , with its impressive German designed terminal, has train services to Asia and is an easy walking or ferry distance from Kadıköy.

Old Market Building

On the right side of the Old Market Building there is an unusual
statue of Ataturk that commemorates when the change was made in 1928 from writing Turkish in the Arabic script to using the Roman alphabet.  This was a mighty leap forward and enabled the ordinary people to learn to read and write but which inadvertently cut off the Republican Turks from Ottoman history as it was sealed away in the archives in the now mysterious Ottoman Turkish.  Old Market is now home to the Istanbul Conservatory.

Kadikoy Government Building

At the back of the statue is the Kadikoy Kaymakamlığı (local government building) that is an excellent example of First National Architecture that dates from 1913 and was designed by Constantinos P. Kyriakides, a Greek architect.  


In the warren of shopping streets there are some other notable landmarks; the monument bull at Kadıköy, similar to the one on Wall Street in New York, and the monumental slab that has a small bronze crocodile on one corner which can be used as a point of reference for direction when you are deep inside the market.

Bahariye Road

The main road of Kadikoy that you can visit is the Bahariye Road.

Getting to Kadikoy

During the day take the ferry from Eminonu or Besiktas to Kadikoy and the views you will get more than make the trip worthwhile.  When the ferries close you can use the minibuses (dolmuş) that run to and from Taksim .  
The old fashioned tram, similar to the one on Taksim, goes from Kadıköy to Moda via the traffic free Bahariye Street (Caddesi) and it is just as easy to walk along the coastal promenade.  

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