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Most Valued Pieces at Topkapi Palace

Most Valued Pieces at Topkapi Palace
Most Valuable Artefacts in Topkapi Palace

Ebony Throne

The fabulous mid 16th century Ebony Throne with its back and sides inlaid with ivory and mother-of-pearl and was used by Sultan Murad IV. (Located in the First Room)

Walnut Throne

The Walnut Throne with inlay of mother-of-pearl and precious stones used by Sultan Ahmed I and designed by the same architect of the Blue Mosque, Sedefkar Mehmed Ağa. (Located in the First Room)

Gold-plated Wooden Throne

The gold-plated Wooden Throne covered with rubies, emeralds, turquoise and pearls that were a gift to Sultan Mahmud I from the Iranian Shah Nadir, an 18th century ruler, as a gesture of friendship. The throne is believed by some to have belonged to Timurlane who built a powerful empire and was last of the great nomadic leaders; he died in 1405. (Located in the First Room)

Bayram Throne

The Bayram Throne is gold-plated, was made in the mid 18th century, and last used in 1918 to host Sultan Mehmed V Reşad. On the first day of a bayram festival the throne would be taken from the treasury to the front of Bab-üs-Saade and placed on a platform covered with silk carpets. Bayram holidays and how to celebrate them were made into law at the time of Sultan Mehmed II. (Located in the First Room)

Ivory Mirror

A beautiful Ivory Mirror owned by Suleyman the Magnificent . Ottoman mirrors held religious and moral significance and this one is very ornate and surprisingly feminine looking. (Located in the Second Room)

Gold Candlesticks

There are two solid gold candlesticks each weighing 48kg. They are encrusted with 6,666 diamonds that represent the number of verses written in the Koran and sent as a gift to the Kaaba, but because of the British occupation of the city during the First World War they were brought to Istanbul . (Located in the Third Room)

Topkapi Dagger

The 18th century Topkapi Dagger was meant as a gift from Sultan Mahmud I to Nadir, the Shah of Iran, but he unfortunately died before it could be delivered. The handle is encircled with diamonds with three priceless emeralds; it became famous due to its appearance in the 1964 movie, Topkapı. (Located in the Forth Room)

Spoonmaker's Diamond

One of the largest diamonds in the world is the pear-shaped, 86 carat, Spoonmaker’s Diamond. One story is that it was found on a rubbish dump at Eğrikapı and sold for the price of three spoons. Another story consists of a French Officer, named Pigot, who bought it in India and had it auctioned in Paris. It was Tepedelenli Ali Paşa who purchased it, took it to Istanbul, and it became part of Sultan Mahmud II’s treasury.

Gold-Plated Cradle

A gold-plated Cradle made in the 18th century that would have been delivered to the palace during a grand ceremony called the Cradle Procession”, which would take place on the birth of a new baby. This was part of Ottoman tradition at that time when the Queen Mother or Valide Sultan would be responsible for preparing the cradle and its linens for the Sultan’s new born children.

Sword of Osman

It was possibly Caliph Osman, but more likely Osman Gazi's, and was used in the ceremonies on the appointment of new sultans.  

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