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Ottoman Bank Museum


Hotel Ibrahim Pasha Sultanahmet

Boutique Hotel

Yüksel Balık Restaurant

Fish - Seafood

Hotel Sultanhan Sultanahmet

Boutique Hotel

Hotel Sari Konak Sultanahmet

Boutique Hotel

Takkeci Ibrahim Aga Mosque Istanbul

Takkeci Ibrahim Aga Mosque Istanbul
A short walk from Topkapi and across the park that will bring you to Istanbul’s only wooden mosque that has managed to keep most of its original form, possibly because of its location away from the city centre and avoiding the many fires that occurred there.  The mosque dates from 1591 and was commissioned by a craftsman that made skullcaps (“takkes”), it has an excellent selection of Iznik tiles and its best feature is the wooden ceiling of the internal dome which has been fully restored.

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Tophane Istanbul

Istanbul Archaeology Museums

Beyoglu Istanbul

Sishane Istanbul

Tarabya Istanbul

Cicek Pasage or Flower Arcade Istanbul

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Off Plan Project in Bahcesehir


Brand New Development from the


Studio Flat in Innovia Project


Studio Flat in Future Park

Turkish Food Recipes

Bulgur with Meat - Rice & Pasta Dishes

Main Course

Hummus or Humus - Cold Meze

Sultan's Pleasure with Fish - Other Main Courses

Main Course

Chickpeas with Meat - Legume Courses

Main Course

Turkish Pastrami Borek - Pastries

Tea Time Pastry

Broccoli Soup - Soup

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