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Did you know these about Izmir?

Did you know these about Izmir?
Three out of Seven churches mentioned in the Bible (known as the first 7 churches of Christianity) are located in Izmir. These are churches of Ephesus , Smyrna and Pergamon .

  • The house of Virgin Mary (or Meryem Ana in Turkish) was declared as a pilgrimage place for the Christians by the Vatican in 1961. Virgin Mary’s house was visited by Pope VI Paul in 1967, by Pope II Jean Paul in 1979 and by Pope 16 Benedictus in 2006.
  • Homeros, the writer of Ilyada or Illiad epic, was born in Izmir.
  • The lecturer of Alexander the Great, philosopher Aristoteles gave lectures in Assos , which is located in the north side of Izmir

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