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Foca - A historical small fishing town

Foca - A historical small fishing town


Foca is one of the 28 towns that are part of the Izmir district. The town is surrounded by Menemen on the east, Candarli on the north, Aegean Sea on the west and Izmir Bay on the south. The total area of Foca is 228 km².

Weather in Foca

 Foca is the area of Izmir that receives the least amount of rainfall, however the area is very windy. The  mediterranean climate is dominant in Foca. Its winters are rainy and warm, the summers are dry and hot. The average temperature during the summer months is 26 degree celsius, and the sea water temperature is 22 degrees celsius. The hottest months of the summer are July and August.

Getting to Foca

To reach Foca, you will need to turn left from the Izmir Canakkale road and continue for 26 kilometers.


Foca, located 70 km northwest of Izmir, is one of the most important centers of the 12 Ionian cities that Ionians established at  Aegean coasts. Besides its historical and archaeological importance, Foca is a mythological settlement, which was mentioned in Homeric epic.
was an important center for many settlements, including Smyrna, which was established by Ionians who escaped from Dor invasion in Greece and moved to the Aegean coast. Ancient Foca included 12 Ion cities and it was located in the Ailois area. Foca was home to an important port and had a strong naval force. Foca was an important city during the Persian, Great Alexander, Genovese and Ottoman periods.
According to the father of history, Heredot, Foca showed great importance in the marine life. Phoakia people were the first Helens who used fast boats with 50 oar and 500 passenger capacity.

Places to Visit in Foca

Seytan Hamami

Seytan Hamamlari is 2 km away from the town centre.

Tas Ev

This monumental grave is 10 km away from Foca centre. It was built by the Persians. The structure dates back to B.C 4th century.


Bes Kapilar Kalesi

This ancient castle was built by the Genevose in 1275. After Phokia had been occupied by the Ottomans in 1455, the walls were mended and surrounded by nine towers. The section which is now being used as an open air theatre used to be used as the ‘boathouse’.

Dis Kale

According to the sources, Dis Kale was built in a strategic location in order to protect the region in 1678. During the underwater archaeological researches, stone shots were found lying at the bottom of the sea.


Fatih Mosque

It is located inside the castle, on the Eski Adliye Street. Although the mosque lost its pecularity over the years, it is still a solid structure. After the conquest of Foca in 1455, it was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. It reflected the classical Ottoman architectural style.

Kayalar Mosque

It is located inside the castle. The date of its construction and the architect who built it are unknown. It reflects the late period of Ottoman architectural style.

Turkish Baths

Two Turkish baths survived from the Ottoman period. Both of them are located on the Ataturk Street. They have a very different architecture when compared with other Turkish baths around Turkey.

Foca Islands

Foca Islands consists of six deserted islands. These are: Orak Island, Incir Island, Kartdere Island, Fener Island, Hayirsiz Island and Metalik Island. Especially, Incir Island is used both as a picnic area and to swim mainly by the local residents. The islands and its surrounding bays are home to the last few remaining mediterranean seals in Turkey.

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