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Gaziemir Izmir
Gaziemir is a greater metropolitan area of Izmir, is close to Adnan Menderes Airport and the export processing industrial park of the Aegean Free Zone that houses Space Camp Turkey which is the 3rd of its kind in the world.  

Gaziemir's History

Gaziemir was established in the 14th century by Umur Beg (Ghazi Umur) who was from the dynasty of the Beylik of Aydin and who brought settlements of Yoruk tribes from Konya to the area.

Gaziemir was first mentioned in Ottoman records dating from 1530 (then named Seydikoy) to honour the Yoruk chief, Seydi Ahmed, whose tomb can still be seen today. The town's development can be traced through the centuries because of regular references made by Ottoman sources and after the 17th century it went on to develop the nearby fertile valleys growing and exporting figs, olives and cotton.  

Gaziemir Today

Today this industrial region is a retail hub for the furniture industry and other crafts. 

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