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Hisar Mosque Izmir
Hisar Mosque translates to “Fort Mosque and is located in the Hisar district near the Kemeralti bazaar.  Records show this magnificent building was constructed between 1592 and 1598 by Aydinoglu Yakup Bey; it is one of the largest of Izmir’s mosques and contains some of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman Islamic artwork to be found in the city. 

At the centre of the mosque is one main lead-lined dome which is supported by eight large columns, it has three large lead-lined domes on either side with three smaller lead-lined domes at the back.  The open courtyard contains a gallery of seven domes along its sides, with a minaret having a single balcony and the “sadirvani” (a fountain used for washing) overlooks the courtyard.  The mosque has undergone restoration work several times since 1813 and because of this has noticeable European influences.

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