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Gumuldur Izmir
Gumuldur, which is famous for its tangerine gardens, is a place where green and blue is integrated perfectly. Gumuldur is a small town, 50 km away from Izmir . The wind brings the unique smell of the tangerine trees and the town is ideal for those looking for a quiet holiday. 

Gumuldur as a Holiday Resort

Although Gumuldur's main income is still agriculture and fishing, it is one of the fastest developing touristic places. It is a popular holiday destination with 8 km of coastline, cool sea, sandy beaches and mild climate. Every type of water sports is available in Gumuldur, making the destination ideal for sport lovers.

has frequent bus services available. The area has several motels, apart hotels and hotels due to the increasing tourism.
We do not advice you to come back from Gumuldur without tasting the fresh fish.  

Gumuldur in History

The first settlement of Gumuldur is Tenedos, which is one of the 12 Ion cities. Tenedos was invaded many times in history, and it used to be an important military destination. Gumuldur is a unique town, where Turks and Greeks lived together for many years.

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