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Kadifekale Izmir
Kadifekale translates to “Velvet Castle” in Turkish and this ancient structure can be found on a hill with the same name just 2km from the coastline and offers wonderful views of Izmir Bay and over the city.  

Kadifekale's History

The castle was built by General Lysimachos who was a successor of Alexander the Great and the walls seen today date from the medieval era and have fragments of Hellenic masonry underneath them.

The long hollow part on the west side of the castle marks the site of the Stadium and on the east side of the castle gates is the ancient theatre of Smyrna; both of these underwent reconstruction after a devastating earthquake in 178.
The Roman cisterns next to the castle formed the drinking water system for Smyrna where remains can also be found in the agora and were renovated during the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. This 4th century BC ancient fortress was strategically built with views of the harbour and city and Roman and Byzantine engravings are still visible on the remaining walls.  

Top Tip

The walk up to the castle is very steep, however there are tour buses, city buses and taxis available to get you there.

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