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Odemis Museum Izmir
Odemis Museum in Izmir began life as two plots of land donated by a collector of antiquities Mutahhar Başoğlu and construction of the building began in 1983. Many of the items here were originally kept at the Izmir Archaeology Museum and Tire Museum and in order to keep items chronologically, artefacts were selected from various other museums and transferred here.

The museum design is in a tent form and has a basement and first floor, and a single hall.
On display are archaeological and ethnographical objects and coins that date from Old Bronze Age (3,000 BC), Archaic (700-480 BC), Classic (480-330 BC), Hellenistic (330-30 BC), Roman (30 BC-395 AD) and Byzantine (395-1453 AD). There are ceramics, idols, blades, axes, lamps, bronze and glass pieces, ornaments, earthenware statues, marble statues and over 2,500 coins from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman eras.
Ethnographic objects include different weaponry, copper and silver items, glass pieces and ornaments, embroideries and costume pieces mainly from the Ottoman period, and other examples of handicrafts from the Republican period of Turkey.
There are over 4,400 items on display at the museum.

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