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Guzelcamli Kusadasi
This lovely green seaside town is 25km south of Kusadasi and borders the Dilek Peninsula National Park. Güzelçamlı means “beautiful pine-trees” in Turkish and the region here is surrounded by them. This is an unspoilt natural resort, with pristine bays, crystal clear water and 30km of beautiful beaches and where Samos, the Greek island, can be seen across the Aegean Sea. This location has fast become popular not only with tourists but also for its real estate and you will find the local people to be very friendly.

Guzelcamli has a great climate where you get a light breeze coming off the sea during the day and from the mountain during the night which helps to keep visitors cool during the hot summer and offers several, hotels, bed & breakfast pansiyon’s, holiday villas, restaurants, bars and of course shops. There is a traditional Turkish market that is set up on Mondays (Monday Market) where you can buy fresh local produce such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, honey and home-made jams along with textile products and at bargain prices.

Summer Sports at Guzelcamli 

The bays and beaches enable visitors to surf, canoe, water-ski, fish and go on yacht tours whilst Dilek Peninsula National Park and the Mykale Mountains have caves, valleys, canyons with outstanding flora and fauna where you can trek, go caving, horse-ride, mountain bike and go on adventure tours, or just quietly do some bird watching.
Parasailing is another popular activity here which began in 2007 from the Kaplan Kayasi Take-off Area (coordinates 37 40 34.33 N027 14 16.70 E centre 3.6NM radius and approximately 3500 feet 970 mt MSL height) which takes about 35-40 minutes to reach by car from the centre of Güzelçamlı and the road is good for all kinds of vehicles.

Guzelcamli's History

During the Ottoman era Güzelçamlı was a Rum (Greek) town known as Rumçamlısı and when the Greek-Turkish war began in 1922 the people left for Samos and it remained abandoned until the population exchange in 1924 when Turkish immigrants from the village of Eleftheres in Kavala were brought here.
This region in ancient times was known as a sacred place where people would gather for meetings and rituals at the Alter of Poseidon Halikonios, and where the political centre of the 12 Ionian cities (League of Panionion) was also located. The Alter is a kind of small theatre and sited in the slopes of Mykale Mountains and was excavated by Gerhard Kleiner in 1957-1958. In 479 BC one of the most significant wars occurred in the region between the Persian Empire and the Panionion League and was known as the Mykale War which completely destroyed the Persian Fleet. It was after this war that the Panionion League grew to become a true unionised military ally by protecting all the Greek ancient cities and was named the Attik-Delos Union.
The village became a municipality in 1992.

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