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Okuz Mehmet Pasa Caravanserai Kusadasi

Okuz Mehmet Pasa Caravanserai Kusadasi
The Ottoman Grand Vizier, Okuz Mehmet Pasa, built this caravanserai in 1618 for the sea trade that was in this area. This lovely delicate Ottoman style of architecture has an open rectangular courtyard surrounded by a two-storey portico with a roof. There is a door in the north side which leads to the town market, and another in the west which is the main entrance, and two archways, the left side was used to store luggage and the right for security guards that would protect the building. The courtyard is surrounded by cross vault porches and after excavation works a fountain was revealed in its centre.

The caravanserai was used by tradesmen up until 1965 after which it underwent restoration and has been a hotel and restaurant since then.

How to get to Okuz Mehmet Paşa Caravanserai

It is located in the centre of Kusadasi close to the harbour and is open to the public.

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