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Sailing around Marmaris

Sailing around Marmaris
Once you leave Marmaris you reach the coves and beaches of Turunc , Kumlubuk and Ciftlik and if you moor at the side point between Turunc and Kumlubuk the ruins of Amos are visible.

Kadirga Cove

Just before reaching Kadirga Point is Kadirga Cove which has a lighthouse and keeper and is a popular stopping point to take a break and have a swim.

Ciftlik Cove

Ciftlik Cove is large, has an island at its entrance, can be reached by land and is one of the only coves in the area with a sandy beach; it also has a large hotel, holiday resorts and lots of restaurants.  

Gebekse Cove

The island at its entrance is private and has a mansion built on it, and as you make a turn here there is an entrance to a long narrow cove called Gebekse Cove whose rocky shores attract many divers.  At the end is a pool with a white sandy bottom and if you head ashore you can visit the ruins of a nearby church.  


On route from Ciftlik to Bozburun boats usually make a stop at Serce for lunch and to swim, it has over night mooring available, and also a small market and restaurant on the shoreline.  


On the flat ground here is a path that leads you up hill to the village of Fenaket; this is where glassware was salvaged from an 11th century merchant ship that had crashed on the rocks and is now one of the most important exhibitions on show at Bodrum Museum .

Korsan Cove

On route to Bozukkale you reach an inlet called Korsan (Pirate) Cove that has beautiful clean clear water like a swimming pool and once you reach Bozukkale, and to the left of its entrance, there is a 1.6km long cove with long and wide walls that once belonged to the ancient city of Loryma . It has a quay with buoys to moor at, and restaurants where the owners provide shuttle boats to ferry their customers to and from the shore.


Also on route to Bozburun, in the region of Saranda, are the village of Sogut and its port, where in the cove you will find very good, reasonably priced, fish restaurants at the waterside.  

Kiseli Island

As you slowly head into the Gulf of Sombeki (Yesilova) and in order to watch the sunset over Sombeki Island, it is recommended to drop anchor in one of the coves of Kiseli Island and where you can take a walk through the undergrowth to reach many ruins of old houses and a church.  

Ada Strait

Directly opposite is Ada Bogazi (Strait Island) that has coral water resembling that from a tropical sea and which turns from a turquoise colour to dark blue.  
From here you will see Bozburun opening up and where you can stop for whatever provisions you may need after the 3 or 4 days of sailing it takes from Marmaris, and on leaving here there one after another are some very pleasant coves, that lead on to the Gulf of Hisaronu where you will find coves as beautiful as those in Gokova.


Turn right after Bozburun to Selimiye and take the opportunity to anchor in the final coves on the Bozburun Peninsula and Gulf of Sombeki namely; Mercimek, Tavsan Cove, Ayaca and Canak Port.  


From here it’s a run down to Atabol Point and into the Gulf of Hisaronu and make a stop at Agil Cove, which leads on to the village and cove of Selimiye where you can stay overnight.  


Leave Selimiye for Orhaniye Cove , both of which are very long and wide, and at the entrance of Orhaniye is the Marti Marina with a capacity for 175 yachts.  This is a perfect place to overnight and to watch a wonderful sunset and during the day to visit Kizkumu Beach and its island that has a ruined castle; take a picnic at the waterfall on Bayir road; climb the hills near Orhaniye for a spectacular panoramic view; or buy a carpet from one of the vendors in the village of Turgut .

Marmaris, Datca and Hisaronu

Marmaris and Datca are easily accessible by road and there are many bed & breakfast accommodation and restaurants available.  Following on from here to Hisaronu Port that sits in a large and wide cove and with smaller coves along the shoreline of the Marmaris - Datca road that has many good picnic areas, camping sites and thick forest, particularly in the Inbuku and Cubucak areas which can be very busy every day in summer and especially at weekends.

Marmaris Photos

Gokova or Akyaka

Sedir Island Cleopatra Beach

Ekincik Cove Marmaris


Sogut Marmaris

Orhaniye Cove and Kizkumu Beach

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