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Adana is Turkey’s 4th largest city with a population of over 1.5 million, it is modern and since the 1918-1920 French occupation has grown very rapidly.  

Source of Income

The city owes its wealth to the surrounding fertile land of the Çukurova and from the textile industry that has flourished from the local cotton fields; it is also an important trade centre for gold.  


Although it has a modern metropolitan atmosphere its historical roots date back to 1,000 BC and had an on-off power struggle between Greeks and Persians that lasted a 1,000 years only ending when the Romans came in the 1st century BC.  It was during the Roman rule the city became an important trade centre which passed through several hands and on to the Ottomans in the 16th century and surprisingly has few historical interesting sites.  

Places to Visit in Adana

Archaelogical Museum

Places of interest here include the Archaeological Museum which mainly houses Hellenistic and Roman statues, fine sarcophagi and Hittite statues.  

Sabanci Mosque

Next door is the Sabancı Merkez Mosque with a capacity for 28,000, is the third largest mosque in the world and has the highest dome in all of Turkey.  

Tas Kopru Bridge

The substantial Roman Bridge, the Taş Köprü, has an impressive 16 arches and was built by Hadrian to span the Seyhan River and is still in use today.  

Ulu Mosque

Nearby is the Ulu Mosque, built from black and white marble in a Syrian style in 1507, and inside has the tomb of Halil Bey, Emir of the Ramazanoğlu Turks and who was ruler of Adana before the conquest of the Ottomans, and has excellent tile work and beautiful mosaics.  

Clock Tower and Yag Mosque

The large clock tower, Büyük Saat Kulesi is close to the Çarsı Hamam that has a beautiful entrance and believed to date back to the time of Piri, son of Emir Halil Bey, and the unusual Yağ Cami where one bay of the mosque was once a church until it was included into the main structure in 1502.  

Ethnography Museum

What was first a church then a mosque now houses the Ethnography Museum which displays carpets and weapons and a nomad tent and its contents.  

Seyhan Dam

5km north of Adana is the Seyhan Baraji, a vast artificial lake/reservoir where you can swim, sail and has picnic facilities and is a popular retreat for hot city dwellers that can also eat and drink at the many fine restaurants and bars along the shoreline.  The lake supplies the fresh water to the bird sanctuary on the west side and the dolmuş minibuses run here from town.  

Adana Cuisine

Adana is famous for its spicy kebab (grilled minced lamb and peppers on a skewer) and there are many kebab places and pavement food stalls that sell sandwiches and pastries along with other restaurants.


The main bus garage is 5km west of town and regular dolmuş minibuses run from here to the centre.  The train station is a 20 minute walk from the centre and dolmuş are also available from here as they are from the airport 4km from town and much cheaper option than using a taxi.  

Adana Hotels

The hotels here are fairly average and offer cheap and mid-range options.

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