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Balikli Lake Sanliurfa

Balikli Lake Sanliurfa

The Legends on Balikli Lake

Sanliurfa or Urfa in short has many biblical stories linked to its name; it is believed that this was the location that God tested Job and where a sick ruler was cured after using a handkerchief that had wiped the brow of Jesus. Its most famous claim to fame though is from a story referring to the Prophet Abraham who was born and raised here. Abraham brought the wrath of King Nimrod upon himself when he declared war on idolatry and also won the heart of Zeliha, the king’s daughter and the king sentenced Abraham to death and built a huge pyre in the centre of the city.  

As Abraham was flung into the fire the flames were miraculously turned into water and the burning logs into fish and from that day on this location became known as the “Pool of Abraham” and the carp fish that lived in the water were considered to be sacred; another part of this legend is that the Pool of “Ayn-Zeliha” adjacent to Abraham’s Pool is believed to have been created by Zeliha's tears and if anyone eats the fish here they will be struck blind.
Feeding of the fish here is greatly encouraged and very necessary as there are huge numbers of them that heavily rely on the food given by visiting pilgrims and tourists.

Visiting Balikli Lake Today

The lake is wonderful place to stroll and has an almost mystical atmosphere and 1000’s of carp that surface to feed is quite amazing, they even follow you along the banks as you walk. The sunsets are particularly beautiful here and worth staying longer to experience.  
Other places of interest nearby are the cave where Abraham is said to have been born and a hill top fortress.  

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