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Best Things to do in Bursa

Best Things to do in Bursa

The Great Mosque (Ulu Camii) 

Built in the 14th century, this huge and beautiful mosque is an excellent example of classical Ottoman architecture. It has a wonderful intricately carved wooden pulpit and a 3-tiered fountain, there are examples of excellent 3D artwork and exquisite Arabic calligraphy and the whole inner structure is spacious and light.  For further information click

Green Mosque (Yesil Camii) 

This is another mosque built during the 14th century and takes its name, and is also famous for, its adornment of beautiful turquoise green tiles. It suffered terrible damage from two earthquakes but still remains one of the Bursa’s most magnificent mosques and is a lovely peaceful place to visit. For further information click

Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe)

This unique and beautiful structure is one of the best examples of Ottoman tomb architecture and is located directly opposite the Green Mosque.  Its lead dome is perched on a high hoop that covers an octagonal structure that visitors can climb using the inner marble stairway. The tomb contains the sarcophagus of Celebi Mehmet I and inside the walls glitter with superb original Tabriz material.  For further information click

Koza Hani Bazaar

This is a wonderful old market place that has many interesting shops which mainly specialise in silk. There is a lovely middle courtyard where visitors can sit and take refreshments. Some of the upmarket shops sell items of outstanding quality and whist on a visit to the city Queen Elizabeth herself stopped by to purchase some silk scarves.


City Museum

A great place to come to learn about the history and culture of the city, it has excellent and fascinating displays, one of which showcases the traditional crafts of the Bursa area.  Although there is lots of detailed information unfortunately not enough is in English but it is still worth checking out, and the minimal entrance fee includes a free cup of tea or coffee.

Emir Sultan Mosque (Camii)

The mosque was originally bequeathed by a Bokharan dervish, a trusted advisor to Beyazit I, and has been re-restored since its Ottoman Baroque renovation of the last century. Hordes of religious people come to worship at the tombs of the saint and his family and the massive cemetery here is where all the pious of Bursa wish to be buried. Although not the grandest of mosques it has a simple magnificence and is a great place to come and view the picturesque city below and sit in quiet contemplation.


This village was established around the 1300s and is chock full of Ottoman history, has a church dating from the Byzantine era and its own Ethnography Museum.  The narrow streets are full of old wooden houses, all painted a colourful yellow, white, blue or purple and from where local people will sell you traditionally homemade organic food and jams along with breakfast served in one of their own gardens. There are also several tea gardens offering superb black tea and Turkish coffee and also a few shops selling souvenirs.

Uludag (Ulu Mountain)

The 2543m high mountain towers over Bursa and is a renowned winter-sports and skiing centre in Turkey.  It is easily accessible by road or cable car and as the area is a national park rich in flora and fauna it is worth visiting anytime of the year.  There are many campsites and picnic areas throughout and it gets pretty packed at weekends and on public holidays. For further information click

A visit to Iznik

This quiet town near Bursa was once the main pottery and tile making centre of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. It is still famed for its beautiful works and artists can be seen today keeping these long traditional crafts going.  The town has retained its ancient walls and nearby is Lake Iznik where you can dine at one of the good fish restaurants along its banks. For further information click

Muradiye Complex 

This complex sits in an area housing some of the best persevered medieval houses in Bursa. It was built by Sultan Murat II in 1424 and is comprised of a mosque, theology school, hamam (Turkish bath) and 12 tombs containing Ottoman princes, princesses, sultans and sultanas that sit in a lovely well maintained garden. For further information click

Tombs of Osman & Orhan Gazi

These are the tombs of the father and son founders of the Ottoman Empire that went on to rule for 600 years. They significantly chose this particular site for their internment as it was the location of the most important church of the Byzantine Empire that they went on to conquer.  Due to damage from an earthquake in 1855 the more simple structures were restored into the late Ottoman style that can be seen today and from here you get great views over the city. 

Yildirim Bayezit Mosque (Camii) 

The mosque was originally a dervish lodge which becomes apparent when you go inside as it is very different from classical mosque architecture. It was built by Beyazit I in 1390 and features a 5-arched portico with square columns and has a very unique altar. 

The Citadel / Hisar

This was once the main hub of the city and in among its narrow lanes and alleys visitors will find Ottoman houses and parts of its medieval perimeter wall. There are the tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan Gazi, a terrace and clock-tower offering great views of the city and in the surrounding area are cafés and tea gardens.  Close by is where most of the designer and upscale shops are located along with several cinemas.  For further information click

Kultur Park

This is a great place for all the family, there is a popular tea garden, boating lake, restaurants and even outdoor nightclubs. The park has a mini zoo and an Archaeological Museum housing strange and macabre exhibits such as a Byzantine ossuary (a container holding bones of the dead) with a skull protruding from it and has excellent examples of jewellery from all over Anatolia.  For further information click


This is just a 20 minute walk from the Kultur Park and visitors come here to experience the therapeutic thermal water that flows from the Uludag mountainside into the hotels and bathhouses of the area.  Close by is the Murat Mosque with its five-arched portico, and the Murat Tomb is directly across the road.  For further information click

Ataturk Museum

This was once home to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, where visitors can see displays of original items and furniture that he once used and reflects the architecture, art and decoration of the late 1920s and early 1930s.

Uluumay Museum of Ottoman Folk Costumes & Jewellery

Esat Uluumay began his collection of folk costumes from the Ottoman Empire in the 1960s and this personal collection contains items from the 15th to 19th centuries. Housed inside an Ottoman building the museum has room’s chock-a-bloc with costumes, head coverings, shoes, boots, children's clothing and bridal attire. Mr. Uluumay has extensive knowledge of everything here and will even conduct a personal tour for you.

Hunkar Kosku

This hunting lodge was built in 1844 and played host to different sultans and also to Ataturk. It was said it was built in just 19 days which seems unlikely when you go inside and see the beautiful marble, tiles and carvings. The building sits in wonderful gardens with a fantastic view over the city and has a café inside for refreshments.

Bursa Town Hall

This interesting and unique colonial style building has Westernised architecture and is used today as offices. The staff here will allow you in and hand you information on the building that is written in English. One of the main features here is the double staircase, this was where couples of arranged marriages would each walk up one side of the stairway and meet at the top for the first time before proceeding to their wedding ceremony.

Uludag Teleferik

This is a great way to view the city of Bursa either on the way up or on the way down, along with views of Uludag Mountain and the national park. When you reach the top you can sit and dine at one of the very good restaurants here whilst taking in the sights and breathing some of the lovely fresh air.  

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