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The town is nearly 2,000m up with the mountain peaks a further 1,000m above and is frequently shaken by earthquakes. Erzurum is not only Turkey’s most exposed and highest city but also one of the most religious and devout. Today this major garrison town has over 400,000 residents and was always a strategic
location because of its trade routes to Persia, the Caucausus and Western Anatolia. Although not particularly popular with summer tourists it does merit a day’s tour to visit some very early Turkish monuments and is used as a staging point for mountaineering and rafting expeditions to the Kackar Mountains (Dağları). In winter it offers excellent skiing facilities at the Palandoken resort.  

History of Erzurum

Although the site was occupied for centuries it only became a city at the end of the 4th century after Emperor Theodosius II fortified it and renamed it Theodosiopolis, and for the next 500 years it was ruled by Constantinople and different Arab dynasties, and for a short time the Armenians.  It became part of the Ottoman Empire under Selim I in 1515 and remained so until 1828 after which the Russians occupied it at three different times, which ended in 1917, and in 1919 after Nationalist supporters assembled a Congress it became part of the Turkish Republic.

Erzurum Transportation

The city has two main bus terminals, the long-distance bus station “otogar” is 3km northwest of the centre and the more convenient Gölbaşı Semt Garaji is 1km northwest of downtown, although many of the long distance buses do stop here too. Visitors should ensure they know from which place their bus starts its journey and there are ticket offices dotted around town as well as at the terminals. The train station is 1km north of the centre and close to budget accommodation and a recently renovated airport is 10km northwest of town. Apart from walking, taxis are the best way to get around the city and there are taxi ranks everywhere, municipal buses are also available but it can be difficult to find ticket sales points for them. There is also a tourist office 500m west of the centre that has maps of the town.

Erzurum Hotels

There are many decent rooms here to suit all budgets and if you are on long haul overland trips it is recommended to break off here as there is nowhere else nearly as good for hundreds of kilometres. If you have your own vehicle stay south of the town at the base of the Palandoken ski resort where hotels open all year round and offer reasonable rates.

Restaurants in Erzurum

The restaurants in town are good value, many serve until 11:30 to midnight although as the town is very devout it is hard to find somewhere licensed serving alcohol. 

Places to Visit in Erzurum

The Ulu Cami mosque built in 1179; the Cifte Minareli Medrese with its double-minarets; the three tombs at Üç Kümbetler the oldest of which dates from the late 12th century. Nearby are some of the oldest houses in town and several carpet and antique shops that lead to the citadel whose foundations were laid out by Emperor Theodosius II.

Northwest of the castle is the 16th century Rustem Pasa Bedesteni covered market that was donated by the Grand Vizier to Suleyman the Magnificent .

There is also an Archaeological Museum.  

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